Demand Clarity

dualosophy's dualcare is a next-generation anti-acne regimen that provides deep-pore delivery of 3% benzoyl peroxide in combination with organic tea tree oil. This two-component kit, which consists of a morning and nighttime regimen, works synergistically to eliminate acne while moisturizing and nourishing the skin, day and night.

Our customers love us!

Great option for people with dry skin!

New addition to my regimen and a keeper!

... products for a few weeks and they have been great! I like how the one at night helps ...

Great for my cycsitc acne!

Awesome product, and cruelty free

once in the morning an dtwice in the afternoon (2nd time before she goes to sleep) and it works like magic!

Does what it says. Simple and quick to use. Great for lazy people.

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